#RememberKwezi has been trending on social media platforms after four young women affiliated to the EFF held up handwritten pluckards with Remember Khwezi, 10 years later, Kanga,  I am 1 in 3 during President Jacob Zuma’s speech after the IEC announced the 2016 municipal election results where the ANC was massacredat the polls. 

Let’s disect the pluckards, NOT that they are ambiguous

  1. Kwezi is the pseudo name of the woman who accused President Zuma of rape in 2005
  2. President Zuma did NOT deny having sex with Khwezi, but said “she wanted it” because she wore a kanga
  3. It has been 10 years since President Jacob Zuma was aquited of raping a 31 year old HIV-positive women by Judge  Willem van der Merwe
  4. According to the World Health 1 in 3 women experience sexual abuse in their lifetime

The protester were thrown out of the IEC Results Operations centre when President Zuma finished his speech. IEC chair Glen Mashinini apologised for the incident.

ANC Womens’ League come to Zuma’s defence asking IEC to apologise

It seems that apology was NOT enough as the ANC Womens League President Bathabile Dlamini has reportedly demanded that the IEC apologise and explain what happened. Again?

But does the IEC have to apologise?

Vice chairperson of the IEC Terry Tselane in a series of tweets said they have apologisedto President Zuma adding that the matter was mishandled by all involved.

Many twitter users seemed to think Zuma is being haunted by his skeletons and the IEC had NO reason to apologise.

Share your views with us, why was it the IEC problem to stop the protest or preempt it?