Deleted @SowetanLive tweet #LuvoManyonga #Riao2016

Times Media Group ‎sports journalist David Isaacson has caused a twitter storm after writing an article which the @SowetanLive headlined ❝ex-drug addict wins SA’s sixth Olympic medal❞ on microblogging site Twitter.

South African athlete Luvo Manyonga won silver in men’s long jump at the Rio 2016 Olympic games.

The tweet by the Sowetan did NOT go unnoticed by social media users who said post was recist and insensetive.


Renowned sports journalists Robert Marawa attributed the Sowetan’s decline in readership posts like the one in question.

Miss Adesanya breaks it down on why the tweet was offensive.

Following the tweet which has since been deleted, some twitter users have reduced the daily publication to a tabloid some vowing to never buy the paper again.

Not everyone saw Sowetan’s initial tweet in a bad light. One Black Hoeologist says as a former drug addict he is inspired.

Tinashe Venge compared the headline of USA Today to that of the Sowetan saying it was impossible to not mention Manyonga’s past.

By the way, David Isaacson also posted a similar tweet on this timeline.

In 2012 Manyonga was banned for 18 months after testing positive for tik  a South African nickname for the drug methamphetamine.