Radio 702 presenter John Robbie IMAGE Source: @702JohnRobbie

Talk Radio 702 presenter John Robbie is at the heart of a twitter storm after a conversation with a caller on his popular morning show talking about #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh

John Robbie told the caller Mishka, a student journalists, that he has seen braids that look fantastic, and those that are ❝so incredibly over the top, that they are showbiz … things with hair all over the place❞

John Robbie said he doubted anybody from the Pretoria Girls High were being racist. Miska who matriculated from the school last year said the school’s rules were extremely stringent and ❝borderline racist❞
The caller Mishka put John Robbie to order telling him that ❝ as a white man❞ he has no right to comment on black women’s hair.

One of the twitter users, said a link to the sound clip of the call⤵

Social media users are now calling the pupular radio persinality and forner Rugby player racist