Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane

Mnerals Resources minister Mosebenzi Zwane has lied the public or at least expressed personal opinion using the department’s letterhead as the presidency said in a statement distancing itself from the ministers statement.

But can a minister issues a statement on his personal capacity using his department’s letterhead?

Last week Thursday Zwane who chairs the inter-ministerial task team set up to probe why four of South Africa’s major banks and audit firms blacklisted Gupta-owned businesses released a statement saying that government is going to initiate a judicial inquiry into the banking sector.

The statement claimed that cabinet has resolved to;

  1. That the President consider establishing a Judicial Enquiry in terms of section 84(2)(f) ofthe Constitution;
  2. To consider the current mandates of the Banking Tribunal and the Banking Ombudsman.
  3. To consider the current Financial Intelligence Centre Act and the Prevention of Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act regarding the relevant reporting structures
  4. Re-consider South Africa’s clearing bank provisions to allow for new banking licences to be issued
  5. Establishment of a State Bank of South Africa

Speaking to the SABC’s Peter Ndoro, Minister Mosebezi Zwane said that he has a problem with the way people have been responding to the judicial enquiring, adding that people must happy that information will be brought forth and the matter will be finally laid to rest. Minister Zwane claiming his “IMC report” was approved by cabinet as Presidency issues statement refuting this

The ruling party through its spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has described Minister Zwane’s statement as reckless and appalling, calling on President Jacob Zuma to discipline him.

The presidency distancing itself from the pronouncement

The Presidency’s statement went on to further ❝assure the public, the banking sector as well as domestic and international investors of Government’s unwavering commitment to the letter and spirit of the country’s Constitution as well as in the sound fiscal and economic fundamentals that underpin our economy❞.

What should happen to Minister Mosebenzi Zwane?

Is Zwane a Gupta agen?

Did the Minister lie or was he acting on higher orders?