Kenyans and Nigerians are in war of words on microblogging site twitter after Facebook Founder Mark Zuckereberg visited the two countries last week.

Nigerian were already angry that CNN had said Zuckerburg was visiting sub-Saharan Africa instead of mention their country.

When Kenyan TV broadcaster and social media personality Xtian Dela it was like pouring fuel on fire.

Is this the man that started it all?

Xtian Dela fired a series of tweets about Facebooks founders visit to Nigeria and Kenya, saying Nigerians were making noise.

Nigerians are NOT known for taking taking blows lying down. They shot back mocking Kenyans about everything, from their food, their running, skin colour and even likening the Kenyan flag to herbalist’s business card.

Kenyans too retaliated. It was a back and forths and back forths twar

While some were having an inocent war of words, Chairman at Kenya Institute of Forensic Auditors Collins Wanderi took to facebook to express his disgust over the Nigerian people saying they are ❝…the worst breed of Africans…❞ [He has since deleted the post]

Others felt the twar was taking Africans backwards

Who won the twar in your view?