In a video which has gone viral posted on Facebook by Lebohang Mabuya, a white man wearing a blue Uzzi t-shirt is seen arguing with a patron at a Spur restaurant at the Glen, South of Johannesburg about one child bullying the another. The woman, black, is sitting at a table with a number of children when the man angrily approaches threatening to assault her.

It is alleged the kids +/-3 years old had a small spat earlier in the games room. The man had approached the woman to alert her that his child was bullied by her child and that she must discipline her kid, to which the woman responded saying it was his child who started the bullying.

Social media users have been angered by the incident, some saying it is racist while other say the man bullied the woman

Spur has since responded saying the man seen in the video is not welcome at any Spur restaurant nationally.

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