Dr Makhosi Khoza who is an ANC member of parliament, has taken to social media network Facebook to voice her dissatisfaction with the way leadership within the party dealt with, among other things the #AntiZumaMarches

Speaking about the April 7 marches against President Jacob Zuma, Dr Khoza says;

When society stands up, leave the comfort of their homes, stop doing their regular activities of a normal working day on this specific day, 7 April 2017, took to the streets to make an urgent agonizing call to their leaders of society. Revoltingly its leader chooses to see conspiracies of different shades and forms and not unity of purpose. I concede this may be the most definitive sign of irrelevance and chronic leadership incapacity.

In her Facebook tittle “Leadership Injudiciousness: deleterious to ANC relevance & lifespan”, You might need a dictionary to understand this 🙈, says wrote on her wall;

Today when my political home ignores my voice I have friends in Facebook, twitter etc. who share my frustrations, perspectives and vision for South Africa & my beloved African continent.

Dr Khoza who is the portfolio committee on public service and administration in parliament dares her Facebook fans to ask the ANC’s treasure General Dr Zweli Mkhize and the party’s Secretary General Gwede Mantashe or anyone whom she served with if she ever raised issues with leaders internally.

Khoza who is a single mother to, 24 year old daughter Zama and son Mlando, who is 24 says she has always warned to the ANC of the dangers of arrogance and complacency. She even even quotes herself, ❝In the absence of truth silence is a lie❞.

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